Alden provides a referral form to your vet on your behalf; a follow-up report is prepared for your vet after the initial visit, advising the result of her evaluation and recommended treatment plan.

Alden Beane provides supportive, instructive, and preventative care to address the wellness needs and quality of life of your pets, in the comfort of their own homes.

Comprehensive Assessment

This vet-referred 90 minute session includes a thorough, non-invasive physical assessment, passive range of motion instruction, an individualized home exercise plan, troubleshooting functional issues, cold laser if appropriate, and a follow up with your veterinarian.

(travel fees may apply)

Follow-up Sessions

One hour of passive range of motion, massage and cold laser, and modification of home exercise (if appropriate)

One session per week: $75.00;
Two sessions per week: $65.00 each

(travel fees may apply)

Wellness Assessment

During this hour-long session, Alden assesses your dog’s range of motion and looks for muscle tension or restriction. She will also teach you how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to enhance your awareness of possible issues, maintain mobility and help prevent injury. This service is available ONLY for “well dogs” — dogs with NO physical symptoms or issues.

(travel fees may apply)