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Well darned if it isn’t that time of year again!

Chilly chilly and chillier! My fall was exciting and filled with lots of clients both new and old. The fun news, is that I have just opened up a gym with a swimming pool for dogs! Now I can follow through with my clients’ care from start (at home) to finish! Let me introduce you to a couple of my swimmers:

jinn“Jinn” is a spectacular 4yo Kelpie, who’s active in agility, and comes 2X/month for conditioning…

amber“Amber” is a sassy 9 yo who had ACL surgery this summer. Now that it’s too cold for me to swim her outdoors, she’ll be sticking it out through the winter at my Canine Aquatic Gym.

Jimmy“Jimmy”, at the age of 13, isn’t that graceful anymore, but he sure is dignified. This fellow’s main issue is severe elbow arthritis – what better way to stay fit and have fun than in the non-weight bearing atmosphere of a heated pool?

Moose“Moose?” Well… Aside from his handsomeness, 2 year old “Moose” just LOVES to swim, and his parents love him, so guess where he’ll be this winter? With me – at The Gym!!! Yahoo!!!

True Balance Animal Wellness’ Canine Aquatic Gym is located at 34 Rossetter St., in the heart of Great Barrington, MA, and is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays only (so that home visits may continue). The pool is 10′ X 18′, and heated to 89 degrees, with jets for resistance. Swims are one on one sessions with me, and bodywork will be performed in the water. A vet referral is required, and at only $45 per swim, appointments are starting to book up! I’m thrilled to be adding to the home visiting services I already offer!

Here’s to the start of a fantastic winter!!!

Alden Beane CCRA


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