Newsletter | June 1, 2014

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June 1, 2014 is the 1-year anniversary of True Balance Animal Wellness, and what an amazing year it’s been!

2014 provided incredible challenges, rewards too numerous to count, and I am happy to report that business is growing, and going strong! With a signed referral from their veterinarian, dogs and their owners are ever grateful to be receiving supportive, instructive, and preventative care in their own homes.. I even traveled as far as Long Island to work with a 12 year old pug named "Lucy"!

You may wonder — who benefits from True Balance Animal Wellness’ services?

  • Worried dog owners who are noticing their pets "slowing down" or seeming "a little stiff", like Sarek, a 12 year old Lab mix who could no longer take walks or navigate stairs. I taught his owners passive range of motion, bodywork, and quick and simple daily strengthening exercises. With consistency from his parents and 4 weekly cold laser/bodywork sessions, he’s walking up to a mile daily, and climbing stairs independently again!
  • An owner whose dog is scheduled to have an orthopedic surgery… I have helped numerous clients prepare their homes, and prepare themselves, for what tp expect post-operatively. This ensures a safer and less stressful recovery for both dog and owner.
  • For the "well" dog and proactive owner… I’ve done multiple one-on-one sessions, teaching basic anatomy and bodywork/stretches to help owners learn how to prevent injury through stretching, as well as keeping their dogs fit and sound.
  • Families with dogs in dire straits, like 5 year old, 140 pound Selma, who was quadriplegic post neck surgery. With her neurosurgeon’s referral, I treated her acutely post-operatively with cold laser and bodywork, and offered helpful ideas/home aids for managing her on the road to recovery. I showed them core strengthening exercises, recommended acupuncture, and she’ll start hydrotherapy this week. SHE’S UP — GO SELMA!!!

In addition, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching several hour-long group workshops on injury prevention and mobility maintenance in both Massachusetts and New York state, and look forward to doing more of these in the future!

As I look ahead to the next few months, I am eager to do everything I can to continue educating owners on their dog’s wellness and care to better support the excellent veterinary care that they already receive.

Wishing everyone a fantastic summer!


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