Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues have to say…


Our 12 year old lab mix, Sarek, has spinal issues and last Fall he was really struggling. He could hardly walk 300 feet and had to be helped up and down the stairs… we were seriously considering euthanizing him… as his quality of life was no longer there…

Alden came to the house in late October and started Sarek on cold laser therapy as well as stretching and strengthening activities which we could perform in between her visits. Sarek responded extremely well and has improved far beyond our expectations. He is now able to walk one mile at a time with no issues and goes up and down the stairs on his own. His confidence is back and he is fully engaged in life. We’ve had friends over who have commented about how Sarek is acting like a puppy again! We can’t say enough about how much you have helped him (and us)!”

Ann & Jim, Feura Bush NY
In my dealings with Alden, I have found her both professional and personable. I have been impressed with Alden’s knowledge and diligence in providing her patients with the best care.
Dr. Barbara Phillips, VCA All Caring Animal Hospital, Great Barrington MA

Alden Beane is responsible for my sweet dog spending his last few years active and comfortable. She …made his body so much stronger and his movement less painful. I am so grateful to Alden for giving me a few more years with my beloved Blackie.

Susan, Pittsfield MA
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Alden Beane. I have known her for several years, both as a client and someone who refers my patients to her business. She has always displayed a high degree of integrity….and her clients (my dogs included) love her.
Dr. Sharon Lynch, Hilltowns Veterinary Clinic, Washington MA

Alden Beane was recommended to me by The Sand Road Animal Hospital when my older dog was recovering from cruciate surgery in late 2013. She came to my house and my husband and I were instantly impressed by her balanced approach, her wide knowledge and her warm character…

When our other dog underwent back surgery and subsequently lost the use of his hind legs, Alden was an invaluable support and guide through the entire (at times grueling) recovery process. She has been working with us ever since and our trust in her has deepened as she continues to help us, work with us and come up with ideas for us to help both our dogs.

I feel I truly know Alden’s character now and can honestly attest to what a responsible, clear thinking and reliable person she is. To have this wrapped in with her warmth and humor; I firmly believe she is a highly likable and trustworthy person who will have no problem quickly building a following of believers.

April, Cornwall CT
We have worked with Alden on several cases and she is energetic, professional, and dedicated to the well-being of her clients.
Dr. Stephanie James, Berkshire Veterinary Acupuncture LLC

Paine and I went to an evaluation and first swim with Alden at True Balance Animal Wellness today. It was AMAZING.

I so appreciated Alden’s respect for Paine, her understanding of his needs and mostly, mostly, the fact that 3 hours after the appointment he was still, so much more present and alive than he had been for months before.

She also provided me with ways I could help his quality of life that were totally doable and manageable with my hectic schedule. There are so many places in my life I that I feel powerless. She, in 2 hours, gave me totally usable, and realistic tools to improve my best friend’s last years. Thank you Alden!!! I have the power!!! Yeah!!

Abigail, Pittsfield MA